Enjoy a spine-chilling night this Halloween, as you explore Barley Hall by candlelight in the company of a cast of creepy characters.

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Join our Barber Surgeon and Plague Doctor in the candlelit hall as they try out new and dangerous experiments on their poor medieval ‘patients’ – all in the name of science, of course!

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Join us at Barley Hall this Autumn and Winter for a range of special seasonal events, including our Haunted Hall and Illuminating York.

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Explore the home of William Snawsell

Explore the home of William Snawsell

Visitors to Barley Hall can make themselves at home, sit on the chairs, handle the objects and experience what it would have been like to live in medieval England.

From ‘Horrible Histories’ author Terry Deary comes a brand new exhibition about York during the Middle Ages that explores the life, death and all the gruesome bits in between.

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Discover the story of medieval York during the reign of Richard III through to King Henry VII. Explore Monk Bar and Micklegate Bar within the historic city walls and find out the role they played in the strife and ceremony that was shaped by the Wars of the Roses.

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Discover 3 great attractions for 1 great price with our new Medieval Pass. Explore our hidden gem of Barley Hall and experience the impact two rival Kings had on York, all with 12 months free admission.

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