Outreach and Virtual Outreach

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you through our Outreach and Virtual Outreach programmes.

Invite costumed characters into your classroom with a full range of artefacts and resources and discover what life was like living in that era.


If your school is less than fifty miles from York, outreach offers you the opportunity to invite characters from Viking or Tudor England into your classroom.

Visiting Vikings

Using a range of artefacts and resources, your Viking visitors will help your class to discover what life was like in Viking times and will cover a range of topics such as travel, trading, domestic life, mythology and Viking battle tactics.

Tudor Time Travel

Your Tudor-era guests will arrive with a whole host of resources to show your class how people lived in Tudor England, and will include activities based on themes such as medicine, warfare, domestic life, costume and schooling.

We also offer archaeology outreach sessions, introducing some of the principles and techniques used in digs today.

After making your outreach booking, you will be contacted by a member of the Education Team who will help you to choose a selection of the various optional activities to be included in your session.

Costs for a full session of outreach are £150 for up to 40 children plus 45 pence per mile travel expenses. For groups of over 40 children a charge of £4 per additional child will be made.

For more information, call our Reservations department on 01904 615505.


Wherever you are in the world, you can invite a character from history into the classroom with our Virtual Outreach programmes: Virtual Viking, Tudor Chat, Prehistory Revealed! and Ask the Archaeologist Virtual Outreach

Wherever you are in the world, you can invite a Viking or Tudor-era character into your classroom via a video link. Your students can spend 45 minutes discovering what life was like in the Viking Age or the Tudor period. View a variety of artefacts, hear tales of Viking travels and then put your own prepared questions to our Viking settler.

You can also talk with one of our archaeologists if you want to learn more about what an archaeologist does and how finds can be used to study the past, including a new session, Prehistory Revealed!, where our archaeologists will take you through some of the most exciting discoveries from Prehistoric Britain.

We use Skype as our video conferencing platform and each session costs £50.

We recommend that you check with your IT support team to find out if your local authority blocks the use of this software. In order to book a session, we will need to know your Skype ID. When making your booking, you will also need to book a test session (normally late afternoon Wednesday-Thursday at least two weeks prior to the date of your virtual outreach session) and will need to provide a mobile contact number.

For more information about booking these sessions, call our Reservations department on 01904 615505.

Skype can be downloaded for FREE from here www.skype.com