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16th November 2019 to
6th January 2020

Discover how magic infiltrated this festive time of year at Three Kings at Magic & Mystery at our beautifully decorated townhouse, Barley Hall this Christmas.

Gold, frankincense and myrrh...

The Three Kings and their gifts were an evocative part of the Christmas story in the 15th century, believed by medieval thinkers to invoke protection, magic and cures for disease.

At Barley Hall this Christmas, explore how magic infiltrated this religious time in the middle ages, whilst discovering the fine line between science, religion and magic during the medieval period at the Magic & Mystery exhibition.


You can also enjoy the greenery and colour as you are transported back in time to explore the beautifully decorated rooms of Barley Hall, decorated for the festive season.

Discover our Christmas Parties

Christmas in York isn’t complete without a trip to Barley Hall.

Celebrate in style, with the chance to hire the Hall and enjoy your own medieval evening of dining in one of York’s most interesting venues. Enjoy a traditional Christmas with displays, decorations and a look at the history of Christmas as we know it today.

The Hall is open every day in the lead up to Christmas, offering a truly unmissable experience within its walls.