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Bring the past into your classroom!

We have an exciting range of education loan boxes for you to borrow to bring a JORVIK Group learning experience into the classroom. Whether you want to look at the daily life of the Vikings or find out how archaeologists learn about Prehistoric times, our boxes of archaeological artefacts, replicas and teachers notes give you a range of resources to bring the past to life. The boxes have been designed for Key Stage 2 learners but can be used by any age group; they can be adapted to suit the needs of SEND groups and home learners too.

Our Viking, Tudor, Roman and Prehistory loan boxes contain a range of replica and original artefacts which give an insight into the daily life and vivid cultures of the time period. From food production to clothing, personal possessions to pastimes, the loan box contents can be used to highlight the similarities and differences between the past and today.

Our Archaeology Loan box allows your pupils to explore the techniques used by an archaeologist when investigating finds, helping to illustrate chronology and providing plenty of opportunities for STEM learning within the context of historical enquiry.

The Roman Burial Loan box provides a further investigative angle, prompting an interactive activity session to illustrate what can be learned about a culture from the burial practices they engage in – plenty of opportunity for role-playing and investigation.


Loan Boxes by The JORVIK Group

See above for images of the typical contents of our loan boxes. Each box comes with a complete set of teachers’ notes, giving background information or lesson ideas.*

From September 2018, our new Star Carr Mesolithic loan box will be available, containing a variety of replica artefacts, including an example of the famous antler headdresses, to bring this exciting period to life!

The boxes cost £20 each for the first week, followed by £5 for each additional week up to a maximum of six weeks. Loan boxes have to be collected and returned to DIG: An Archaeological Adventure. Unfortunately we cannot send the boxes via post or courier.

If you would like to book or view a loan box please phone our reservations team on 01904 615505.

*All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual loan box contents may vary.


Souvenir Packs

To make your life easier we have put together a selection of souvenir gift bags to take home. As the packs are ordered in advance, you gain the advantage of saving valuable time on the day of your visit.

For orders, please contact our Reservations Department on 01904 615505 or send an e-mail to groups@yorkat.co.uk.

Please note we normally require two weeks’ notice to ensure all stock is available. Alternatives may be provided.

JORVIK Souvenir Pack - £3

A collection of JORVIK Souvenirs to take home. This pack includes a cut out and build Viking house or longboat, a badge featuring Viking gods (Odin, Thor, Freya and Loki), a JORVIK logo pencil, and a postcard.

Raider Pack - £4.50

Having learnt about the Vikings raiding antics, re-create the dramatic battles with this raider pack, containing a felt Viking helmet and a wooden dagger.

Coin Pack - £4

During the 1980-81 excavations at Coppergate, two Viking Age coin die were found. These are the only such example ever discovered and are depicted here on a replica coin, and necklace.

Tudor Pack - £3

In order to remember your Tudor experience, take home a replica coin, feather biro and cut out and build Tudor house.

Archaeology Pack - £3.50

Take your archaeological experience home with you with our fun and striking stationary collection, including a pen and pencil designed to resemble ranging rods and a notebook featuring the DIG logo.