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Updated Booking Process

Please note: Due to an increase in demand we are recommending booking your visit at least six weeks in advance to guarantee the perfect experience for your school. For more information please visit the updated school visit booking process page.

Key Stage 1, 2 & 3

Full Day Experience | Working Like a Charm

Can your class make it through a day in our enchanted medieval townhouse? Learn just how magical the past can be in this full day of hands-on activities with our friendly costumed characters. Consult the stars, concoct medical cures and carry out the servants’ daily chores with an extra charm or two thrown in!

Half Day Experiences | Medieval Manners / Tudor Lore and Learning

Let your pupils step back in time and experience an aspect of Tudor life for a morning or an afternoon. Choose from a lesson in medieval manners, dress and etiquette or experience our new session of magical instruction and discovery, looking at the development of medieval science and the mysterious art of alchemy.

Tudor Medicine

A chance to learn about Tudor medicine and how illness and ailments were treated hundreds of years ago. Discover the methods used by the barber surgeon and find out about some of the Tudors’ most gruesome diseases and grisly cures. Not for the faint-hearted!

Tudor Weapons

Hear how weapons of all kinds were used in everyday Tudor life, from sport and hunting to self defence. Discover how weapons could be status symbols or valued items of costume, and handle some of these weapons for yourself.

Tudor School

Meet the School Master and see what school would have been like 500 years ago. Recite the alphabet, write with quill and ink pens, and learn to count with jettons. A fun session with plenty of activities to put your class through their paces!

Please note: a maximum of 16 children can be accommodated in the ‘Tudor School’ workshop.

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For more information about any of these topics, or to book a session for your group, please call our Reservations team on 01904 615505 or contact us direct here.