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Barley Hall Workshops

Our 45-minute workshop sessions are specially designed to spark your pupils’ interest in the past by exploring a variety of fun and interesting themes. Choose from the options below when booking a workshop to complement your Barley Hall visit.

Healers and Humours Workshop

A chance to learn about Tudor medicine and how illness and ailments were treated hundreds of years ago. Discover the methods used by the barber surgeon and find out about some of the Tudors’ most gruesome diseases and grisly cures. Not for the faint-hearted!

Arms and Armour Workshop

Hear how weapons of all kinds were used in everyday Tudor life, from sport and hunting to self defence. Discover how weapons could be status symbols or valued items of costume, and find out more about the training required to wield your weapons well.

Plays and Performances

Can you tell a tragedy from a comedy? Learn more about the world of medieval and Tudor entertainment by brushing up on your acting skills and taking a turn as a 16th-century Player in this literacy-themed workshop.

KS1 Groups: We highly recommend this workshop choice for KS1 groups visiting Barley Hall. With special activities designed with this age group in mind, pupils will take a closer look at the sorts of plays that the inhabitants of Barley Hall might have seen, and have a go at performing their own versions.


If you would prefer to learn about life in the medieval or Tudor period from the comfort of your classroom, you can now meet a medieval medic or friendly townsperson through our interactive learning sessions – take a look at our new virtual outreach offer to learn more.

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