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Our Autumn 2018 placement programme is now closed

Please return to this page later in the year for information on our 2019 opportunities. Please see below for some examples of the placements on offer.

JORVIK Viking Centre Collections Placement

Download the JORVIK Viking Centre Collections Placement role description here.

Curatorial Interpretation Placement

Download the Curatorial Interpretation Placement role description here.

Heritage Opportunities Placement

Download the Heritage Opportunities Placement role description here.

Educational Interpretation Placement

Download the Educational Interpretation Placement role description here.

Visitor Survey Placement

Download the Visitor Survey Placement role description here.

How do I apply?

Wait for an application period to see the roles available for that period. During application periods you will be able to access our online application portal to submit your application. Applications are usually advertised and open around December for placements happening February – April and between May – July (exact dates will vary) for placements happening July – October.

Can I apply outside of an application period?

We regret we are unable to accept applications outside of the application periods

What happens after I apply?

After an application period closes we will contact everyone who has applied and arrange to meet with those people we may have a suitable place for. At this meeting we will ask you some questions to see if we can match you to a suitable placement. We will be able to allocate and confirm the placements after the meeting. Any offer of a place will just be pending references.

Can I apply from abroad or if I don’t live in York?

We welcome applications from outside of York. Overseas applicants will need to ensure they can arrange a suitable visa to allow them to undertake the placement. We are happy to arrange video interviews for anyone from abroad or anyone unable to travel to York for their interview.

How old do I need to be to undertake a placement?

All our placements are open to anyone aged 18 or above. For anyone under 18 years of age we offer work experience via the NYBEP (North Yorkshire Business & Education Partnership) scheme which offers York schools opportunities to get involved in the Trust. Details of this scheme are available in all participating schools and colleges.


Please download our common facts and questions sheet here.

If you have any questions please send an email to volunteer@yorkat.co.uk.

You will be given a chance to read our Privacy Notice before applying to volunteer/undertake a placement with us.  You can also click here to read this.

For anyone seeking on-going opportunities please do also take a look at our volunteers page.