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We have a varied range of roles available at the attractions

Most involve helping us to offer additional visitor facing services such as running handling collections, offering guiding services or helping us to offer family activities and information stands at events such as the annual Viking Festival.

We also have a Costume Group who help behind the scenes to create a range of historical costumes.

The full range of attraction based roles our volunteers currently undertake are listed below. These are not all available at every intake so take a look during each intake period to see which roles we have available to apply for. If you would like information on any of these roles outside of an intake please feel free to email us on volunteer@yorkat.co.uk.

JORVIK Handling Collection Guides 

Barley Hall Room Guides

DIG Tour and Gallery Assistants 

Richard III and Henry VIII Room Guides

Barley Hall Costume Interpretation Guides

Roles Available:

JORVIK Collections Up-Close Guides help us offer a unique opportunity for visitors to explore their location on the site of the dig which founded the JORVIK Viking Centre through artefact handling and viewing opportunities.  This is an ideal role for anyone wanting a taster experience of archaeological interpretation and engagement through finds.

Find out more: download the JORVIK Collections Up-close Guides role description here

Barley Hall Room Guides get involved by assisting visitors to find out about the fascinating history of the Hall. Room Guides interpret and explain the objects, history and exhibitions in the Hall and form an important, personal link for visitors to this medieval townhouse.

Find out more: download the Barley Hall Room Guide role description here

Barley Hall Costumed Interpretation Guides get involved by offering costumed interpretation giving visitors an opportunity to meet a costumed guide and explore life in the medieval Hall.

Find out more: download the Barley Hall Costumed Interpretation Guide role description here

Richard III & Henry VII Room Guides get involved to help us tell the story of the turbulent year of the Wars of the Roses and the reigns of these two medieval kings by offering Room Guiding at our medieval Bar Walls attractions.

Find out more: download the Richard III and Henry VII Room Guide role description here

DIG Tour and Gallery Assistants get involved by  helping staff with the delivery of our school and group tours and by offering guiding assistance in our gallery spaces to offer increased engagement and interaction in these spaces.

Find out more: download the DIG Tour and Gallery Assistant role description here 

Please note that as DIG Tour and Gallery Assistants primarily help us to serve our schools audience, volunteers are invited to join us in this role with a view to starting in September 2019

An application form to apply for any of these roles is available to download below. If you would like a paper copy of this sent to you please do not hesitate to contact us.