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At Barley Hall we want to make sure that we deliver a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all visitors.

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Please find below information, resources and facilities for visitors with disabilities or additional access needs.

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The JORVIK Group aims to continually improve our facilities and access. If you have any feedback on how we could improve our access offer then please email us at access@yorkat.co.uk.

Access Information, Facilities and Resources

Please Note: Barley Hall is an historic building and features uneven floors, narrow stairs and steps between rooms. Facilities such as accessible toilets and a lift are unavailable due to the nature of the building.

Our entrance currently has a step to get in. An alternative entrance can be used by visitors who are wheelchair users. The door is open so that you are able to get the attention of a member of staff who will then be able to let you in through another door with a level floor.

There is not normally a large queue for entry but, in that event, visitors with disabilities or additional access needs do not have to wait in the queue. Please make yourself known to the staff member at the till and they will serve you as soon as possible.

Access Information for Wheelchair Users and Visitors with Physical Disabilities

As Barley Hall is an historic building, access for visitors who are wheelchair users is restricted to the ground floor of Barley Hall. The ground floor is separated into two parts by the passage and both halves can be accessed from the ground floor. The Hub area on the ground floor features an interactive computer that provides additional interpretation for visitors who are unable to visit the upstairs rooms.

Visitors who are wheelchair users should go to the main entrance to ask a staff member to let them in through the alternative entrance. Staff assistance is needed to set out temporary ramps to gain access to most of the ground floor rooms. Some of the floors are uneven due to the original features of the building. Large electric wheelchairs may struggle with manoeuvring due to space restrictions and uneven floors.

Access to the first floor is reached by steep wooden stairs and visitors with physical disabilities are welcome to see the staircase before they pay. Access to the ground floor area of the Hall on the other side of the passage can be given to visitors with physical disabilities who are unable to use the stairs.

Please call our Reservations line on 01904 615505 if you have any questions or to make a booking.

Accessible Toilets

Although Barley Hall is accessible on ground floor level, we do not have an accessible toilet. You should ask a member of staff for the closest toilet when you arrive. Some of our surrounding businesses are happy for our visitors to make use of their accessible facilities.

Guide and Assistance Dogs

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at Barley Hall. Dog bowls are available at the front desk; please ask a member of staff.

Visitors Who Are Blind or Have Visual Impairments

Braille guides are available at our admissions desk upon request.

Our volunteers are generally positioned in the Great Hall to offer further information and assistance if required. You may also find one of our volunteers with a handling collection to bring the artefacts to life.

There are steps up on every threshold on the ground floor in Barley Hall so please take care when moving throughout the attraction.

Visitors Who Are Deaf or Have Hearing Impairments

The museum is self-guided and the interpretation consists of displays to look at, read or touch. We currently have no additional provisions.

Other Facilities for Visitors with Additional Needs

Seating is available in many of the rooms and visitors are encouraged to sit on the furniture.

Barley Hall tends to be a quiet attraction; however, if you do need to leave for any reason then you can. Your ticket is valid for 12 months and you can return at anytime.

Barley Hall operate a sticker system for visitors with autism should you wish to participate. If you are wearing a red sticker it shows you do not wish to be approached, a yellow sticker means you would like staff to answer questions when asked, green or no sticker means you are happy to be approached and spoken to. Please request one of these at admissions if this will benefit your visit.

Access Information for Visitors with Young Children

There is no admissions charge for visitors under 5 years old and pushchairs are welcome in Barley Hall. If you require assistance getting into the attraction or wish to use the alternative entrance, please ask a member of staff at the front desk.

There are no baby changing facilities in Barley Hall. Breast feeding is welcome in our attraction. There are plenty of seats in our attraction where you can make yourself comfortable.

Access Provision for Groups

Information about our Group bookings can be found here but please contact our Reservations Team on 01904 615505 if you wish to discuss any additional access needs that members of your group may have.