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Please note that these safety procedures may change according to government guidance and as the situation progresses.

We strongly advise wearing face coverings in our attractions and gift shops, unless you are exempt.

Please keep socially distanced from other parties and use the hand sanitiser stations located around the buildings.

Pre-booking – to help us minimise face-to-face interactions at our admissions desk and to reduce queueing, pre-booking your visit is advised. Standby places may be available if a time slot has space.

Many thanks for your cooperation and consideration as we endeavour to keep Barley Hall safe and enjoyable for all our visitors, staff and volunteers.


For more information on our safety procedures, read on.

Before you visit

Pre-book your tickets online or by calling 01904 615505. Don’t forget to buy your guidebook in advance too – this option will pop up when you buy your tickets.

Please don’t bring any large bags to Barley Hall (maximum size is 38cm x 30cm). This is for both security reasons and to help us socially distance groups within the attraction. We don’t have any bag storage facilities, but we recommend using Yorbag on High Petergate.

When you arrive

Barley Hall can be found in Coffee Yard, off Stonegate or Swinegate.

Wait in the courtyard outside Barley Hall at your pre-booked timeslot. At your pre-booked time, groups will be gradually admitted to Barley Hall.

Inside Barley Hall

At all times, please try to remain 1 metre from other visitors, and we strongly encourage you to wear a face mask.

We have a full hygiene policy that is strictly followed by all staff to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the attraction. The attraction is thoroughly cleaned daily, and doors and windows will be kept open for ventilation.

In the admissions area, there will be a member of staff behind a high plastic screen who will introduce you to Barley Hall.

Though we usually invite visitors to ‘make themselves at home’, we request that visitors do not handle the objects on display at this time.

Your Barley Hall visit is spread across 2 floors and visitors need to use staircases – unfortunately due to the historic nature of the building, we do not have a lift. Read more about accessibility at Barley Hall here.

The final room in your visit to Barley Hall includes our gift shop, where a staff member will also be available behind a high plastic screen to answer any questions.

In our toilets, we have installed one-touch taps so taps will turn off automatically and there is no need to touch them again after washing your hands.

Our staff are ready to help

Barley Hall staff are trained to uphold our safety procedures, and will be happy to answer any questions or note any suggestions you have.

We will ask all visitors to be considerate of each other and of our staff.

Please note that these safety procedures may change according to government guidance. If you have any queries in advance of your visit, please do not hesitate to email us on groups@yorkat.co.uk.


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