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A Magical, Medieval Christmas Rediscovered
17th November 2018
5th January 2019
10:00am - 4:00pm
Included in Admission
Barley Hall
2 Coffee Yard, York, YO1 8AR
Magic & Mystery

This is your chance to discover the hidden history of the use of charms, potions and magic during Christmas celebrations in medieval York at our beautifully decorated townhouse, Barley Hall.

As today, celebrations during the Christmas period in the Middle Ages were both social and religious occasions. For the wealthier households in the city, there were also certain obligations that had to be fulfilled, as a medieval Christmas was not just about family, but the community also.

Join the lady of the house, Joan Snawsell of Barley Hall, as she prepares her household to welcome the great and the good of York into her home for the festive season.

Enjoy the greenery and colour as you are transported back in time to explore the beautifully decorated rooms of Barley Hall, each dressed to reflect the different activities that would have taken place in the home and around the city in Lady Snawsell's time.

Pre-booking is recommended but not necessary. Crafting activities are charged separately.